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Friday, September 3, 2010

I Love Dried Flowers

I love working with dried flowers! I love the smell; I love the textures and variety; I love the colors. They are definitely getting harder to find though. Some of these were dried by us and some were purchased from the wholesale market. I think they are not as in-fashion as they once were so fewer places are carrying them. And they really are not "everlasting". They deteriorate over time - especially when pawed through on market shelves!
This piece is on its way to a private dining nook at McMenamin's Hotel Oregon. The McMenamins establishments are always a bit quirky, so being "in-fashion" is not necessarily their cup of tea (or more precisely their glass of Terminator ale).
Just as a side note: my first flower shop was located in the Hotel Oregon in the pre-McMenamins days. I loved being downtown, but I also love my present busy site. And McMenamins has infused a whole new energy into downtown McMinnville. It's a win/win!
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