Photo by Jenny Hill

Monday, August 9, 2010

Free Bridal Bouquet

The Garden Path has a deal for couples getting married in Oregon Wine Country in 2011 (or even later this year). Book your future wedding flowers with The Garden Path this month, our 15th birthday month, and you may get your bridal bouquet for free! If your flowers total more than $500 (and that's easy!), we'll provide a $100 wedding bouquet at no charge to you. It's an offer that doesn't come around often, but you need to complete your reservation by the end of August. That doesn't mean we need to finalize all the details. Just get your reservation in, and we can fill in the blanks - exact colors, number of corsages, etc. - later if you wish. Call us for a consultation time.


  1. great deal.. I did that one year booked a lot.. But lot money too.. Hope it works for you~~

  2. It's a great deal! Good thing I took it while it was hot!