Photo by Jenny Hill

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A New Tradition?

Orchid leis are becoming a must-have for local high school graduations. I know this tradition is imported from Hawaii where leis are layered many deep for special days. Is this something that is happening elsewhere - or just on the West Coast?
We have leis available for graduations this weekend. They're made from white orchids and sonia orchids (a purple/white bicolor) - and are really beautiful!


  1. Wow! those are awesome but not a trend for graduation here in the midwest as far as I can tell. How much do you charge for one? what is that 20 stems of dendros on there?? :)

  2. Hi - nice to get a comment from you. I just discovered your site and felt very connected immediately! If we made the leis we would have to charge way more than anyone could afford. We buy them from an importer for $18 for the double layer one shown. (Hope that means that loose orchid blossoms are plentiful in Thailand and not that small children are working 12 hour shifts to make them for us.) I charge $37.95 for the double shown and $29.95 for a single.