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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Change of Pace

It's a slight change of pace from the busy wedding season - and not yet into the busy "Holiday Season!". To bridge the transition we feature all of our dried and silk flowers on sale during the month of October. "Love" is just a sample of the twiggy words we can make. "Relax" was an instant hit, and "Joy" last Christmas was purchased by a charming artist who made a watercolor reproduction for her Christmas cards.

The three-pot piece on the right was made a few weeks ago from kangaroo paw we dried ourselves when it was so spectacular mid-summer. It makes a cute little kitchen piece. Almost all pieces are made in our upstairs dried-flower workroom. We are shameless copiers, gleaning many of our ideas from upscale catalogs. We also will custom-create whatever you want. So bring in your table linens or couch pillows - we'll make pieces to complement them.

The wreath is made from newly harvested hops. Not just for making beer! They are twined onto a grapevine while still fresh and dry quickly. Hops are known for their relaxing and sleep-inducing qualities, so hang the wreath over your bed and nod off to its gentle fragrance.

We ship wreaths and other pieces that are not too fragile. Let us know if you want your own genuine Oregon hops wreath!

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